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Did you know that acrylic furniture has been around since the 1930’s? It’s strength and durability make it a practical choice, yet it’s shine and beauty make it oh so glam! Lucite has enjoyed a recent spike in popularity thanks in part to Jonathan Adler and Pinterest. However it’s practicality and functionality in the form of a doggie domicile is truly a long term solution.ย  Pretty Kennels’ patented transparent pet crate is so much more than just a design trend. This unprecedented concept offers your pet a light and airy environment to hang out in. We specifically chose to build the Pretty Kennel out of acrylic because it’s 100% see through. The unobstructed view offers your pet pleasantry and peace of mind. So while lucite may be seen as a decor trend by some, We truly believe the Pretty Kennel is here to stay.