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Our Heartwarming Journey with Crate Training

Reflecting on our personal journey, long before the inception of Pretty Kennels, we encountered a heartfelt challenge with our dearest Lola, the tiniest member of our family. She had a hidden habit of relieving herself under the bed, a discovery that came to us as a poignant surprise once the scent reached our senses. Realizing her predicament, we were determined to guide her towards a better path.

Lola, though always rewarded for her outdoor endeavors, continued to soil the carpet despite our efforts. We attempted the placement of “pee pads” on the tile, yet this only led to further complications, with the liquid permeating underneath. This approach, we understood, contradicted the goal of encouraging her to embrace the outdoors for her toileting habits.

With time, we came to the profound realization that free roam wasn’t the solution until we had gently corrected this behavior. Thus, we introduced a petite crate into our lives, a turning point that brought about remarkable changes. The confinement not only prevented accidents while we were away, but it also instilled a sense of focus and discipline within Lola. The routine of releasing her from the crate and guiding her straight outside became a transformative ritual.

Through dedicated commitment to proper crate training, we witnessed a blossoming transformation in Lola – a cheerful, vibrant soul who no longer sought the carpet beneath our bed as a restroom. Our newfound trust in her grew to the point where we adorned our space with an elegant rug, and its pristine condition has been a testament to her progress.

Our hope rests in the sharing of our journey and the insights below, hoping that they may extend a helping hand to you, especially if you are embarking on your own house training adventure. Amidst the plethora of invaluable “how-to” resources available, we’ve selected a few favorites that have illuminated our path. As you traverse this path with your cherished companion, know that our heartfelt wishes accompany you. May luck and love guide you both towards a rewarding and harmonious journey.