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We think there are so many great reasons to crate train your pet and we think this site does a great job of explaining it for us!

Our personal experience with crate training has been so positive! Years ago, way before we started Pretty Kennels, we had a major problem with Lola (our smallest chihuahua) peeing under the bed. We didn’t even realize she was doing it until we started to smell it. Once we found out her dirty little secret we knew we had to correct her behaivor. Even though we had always treated her when she did her business outside, she was still peeing on the carpet. We tried putting the “pee pads” on the tile but that just made a bigger mess because the urine would seep under the pad. Not to mention, it’s counter intuitive for the dog if you’re trying to get her/him to go potty outside.  We came to realize that she just couldn’t have free roam of the house until we got the problem under control. That’s when we bought a little crate for her and it changed our lives for the better! Confinement while we were gone, physically prevented her from peeing on the carpet, but it also narrowed her focus. The act of letting her out of the crate and going straight outside helped tremendously! After mastering all of the steps of proper crate training, we have a happy, healthy Lola who no longer pees under the bed! We even trust her so much now that we have a nice fancy rug in our room and it has stayed fresh and clean! We hope that you find our story and the information below helpful, especially if you are in the midst of your own house training journey. There are so many great “how to” articles out there! Here are a few of our faves! Best of luck to you and your pet!