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Pretty Kennel – Muy Grande



Discover comfort with the Muy Grande Pretty Kennel – a standout in the world of pet accommodations. This special piece leads the Pretty Kennel collection, offering elevated comfort for your beloved companions. Carefully crafted, this acrylic wonder serves as both a pet crate and a secure sanctuary.

Imagine how it fits seamlessly into your space. A sturdy structure, it gives your furry friend a cozy retreat. Apart from its practicality, this creation transforms into a flexible side or coffee table, marrying function and style effortlessly.

The transparent design lets your pet enjoy a clear view, helping them feel a part of your family. It’s a subtle reminder of togetherness.

Each Muy Grande Pretty Kennel speaks of craftsmanship, tailored to your preferences. Created in our Austin, Texas workshop, it goes beyond being just furniture; it reflects your taste while providing a snug corner for your pet.

For those who cherish the simple joys of life, gift your beloved canine a dwelling that echoes your refined choices. A retreat adorned with simplicity and comfort, this kennel blends naturally into your lifestyle.

Remember, some variations of the Pretty Kennel line could be quickly available, reaching you within three days. Alternatively, if you opt for a custom creation, expect a wait of three weeks. During this time, our artisans diligently craft a kennel.

Pretty Kennel Muy Grande Key Features:

Welcome to the world of opulence curated by Pretty Kennels, the distinguished originator and craftsman of luxurious acrylic pet crates. Among our illustrious creations, the Muy Grande Pretty Kennel stands out, tailor-made for large-sized dogs weighing between 35 to 60 lbs. This exceptional haven is also adept at accommodating 2 to 3 smaller dogs who share an affection for cozy companionship.

Forged from the finest crystal-clear Lucite, every inch of the Muy Grande Pretty Kennel exudes sophistication. The edges, flame-polished to a luminous translucence, cast a radiant aura that seamlessly melds with any environment, elegantly assimilating with its surroundings.

Presenting a selection of patterns to match your discerning tastes, we introduce “The Bowie” – an embodiment of chic modernity. Its design, a harmonious blend of circles and stripes, evokes an aura of streamlined sophistication, elevating the aesthetic of any space it graces.

For a truly personalized touch, choose from our gleaming hardware collection, available in your preference of polished brass or polished chrome, thereby adding an exquisite accent to this masterpiece.

Specifications that command attention:

  • Dimensions: 35 inches in width, 28 inches in depth, and a height of 28 inches.
  • A product weight of 100 lbs, a testament to its sturdy and enduring craftsmanship.
  • An embodiment of convenience, arriving fully assembled, sparing you any efforts in that regard.

The Muy Grande Pretty Kennel is not just a pet crate; it’s a declaration of lavish comfort and unparalleled aesthetics. Immerse your furry companions in an enclave of grandeur, where form and function coalesce in harmonious splendor.

Technical Specifications of the Pretty Kennel Muy Grande:

  • Dimensions: A grand expanse of 35 inches in width, 28 inches in depth, and a soaring height of 28 inches.
  • Product Weight: A robust presence, weighing in at 100 lbs, showcasing the solidity and enduring quality of craftsmanship that defines the Muy Grande Pretty Kennel.

Assembly: Embrace unparalleled convenience – no assembly required. This kennel arrives as a masterpiece, ready to grace your space with its elegance and functionality from the moment it crosses your threshold.

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