Pretty Kennels


Welcome to Pretty Kennels!

For years I searched for a beautiful kennel for my 2 Chihuahuas to no avail. I was so tired of looking at the metal cage eye sore in my living room that even the funny fur babies inside couldn’t distract me from the ugliness of this necessity. My girls are amazing and bring such joy to my life everyday but they can be naughty when left to their own devices. I needed a fashionable way to safely confine them while unattended, but I decided to take it one step further. I wanted to showcase my little darlings in a fun, playful and luxurious way. The result was not only an aesthetic improvement but also a functional one! After pouring my heart and soul into designing, creating and perfecting this product I’m thrilled to introduce to you The Pretty Kennel! Hand crafted in Austin, Texas this pretty pet crate is a frivolous little luxury that actually solves a problem and serves a purpose! I hope you and your pet will enjoy yours as much as we enjoy ours!


Paige, Kevin, Lulu and Lola